Unfortunate Love

The moment that my eyes laid on you, I assumed that I could easily fall in love with a person like you. My assumption became true the moment that you spoke to me and your sea-green eyes found mine. I immediately knew I had fallen deeply in love with you when we spoke and got engaged in each others lives more and more and as for you I wanted to believe you also had fallen deeply in love with me. Or so that is what I thought, but the cold truth was that I had fallen in love with the thought of you being this perfect knight in shining armor who had come to make all my dreams and fantasies come true. God, I had been so naive… If only I had known that you would become the opposite of a knight in shining armor. You sadly became… my worst decision.

I just wanted happiness next to you, but all you wanted was me as your arm candy to boast about your own self-efficacy. You never told me personally, but I knew that was why you would get frustrated at the sight of me not wearing enough makeup to hide all the little imperfections I knew bothered you, or the right clothing that would hug the curves of my body;  To parties where you were “one of the important guest.” 

You would go days without even a single hello. You were distant and moody when I wanted to get closer to you. You would push me away when I wanted your affection. Why? Why make me go throughout all this suffering? If you did not love me you could have simply just told me and saved all the suffering you endured me through.

I wanted your love and cherishing, but sadly you just did not understand my feelings and you just cared about your own. That is why I had to make the hard choice to leave you and forget all the moments that you made me suffer and keep and cherish those that I believe were you being honest about your feelings towards me.

Goodbye my unfortunate love….be well and always know that my feelings for you were true and honest.


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