Why I Write

After a good romance movie, or after I listen to a good song, my head race with ideas of stories that I could be writing about. While listening to those songs or reading novels, I get an urge to write something that is seemingly similar or a bit different to novels that I have read. I write when I am up at one a.m. and have the computer open in front of me. I write when I am sleep-deprived because that is when my mind begins to race with crazy ideas about stories that I want to write. I tend to write when I finally get rid of that pesky writer’s block. I do not  generally write for anyone but myself. I believe that when I sometimes write I do it for me and not for other people. I will not deny that when I do write for someone else I enjoy their compliments and praises. If I do in fact write for others I want to be able to create a fantasy world where they could escape their everyday struggles; just as I do.

Before writing, I prepare myself for endless hours of looking for more tools that will help my writing become stronger and more powerful. During writing, I begin to get so engrossed into what I began to write that it is impossible for me to concentrate on other things other than what I am writing.  After I finish writing what I have created, with my crazy ideas, I contemplate my work and think to myself, “Is this worthy of being posted on my personal blog?” and most of the time it is worthy. I enjoy writing romance novels or fantasy novels because they are so interesting and they capture my attention the most. Creative writings make me feel like I belong somewhere in the writing world; I believe that my writing is good enough to share with every novel lover. I dislike writing when it is academic writing not because I do not care about knowledge but because I get that pesky writer’s block in the moment I need to be the most concentrated. In the future, I want to be a writer who can create novels that will make my readers happy and urging for me to write sequels or new novels, or just like how I want all my favorite writers, Rainbow Rowell being one of them, to do.

Writing to me did not come at a young age. I came to live in Salinas when I was about eight years old from Mexicali. I did not know nor understood English so it made it very difficult to write or read anything that was not in my primary language. Having a teacher who was not there to aid me was the worst. I did not understand anything that the other kids seemed to know by heart throughout the entire school year. The day that I was told, “Nancy, you will not be passing to the fourth grade and you will have to repeat it again,” was the moment that I decided I needed to change. The moment I walked into Mr. Kodl’s class, I began to change little by little. He would make us read many books and would be there for us to support our developing minds. Thanks to him I am the person that I am today, a bookworm and a writer. I now adore writing and reading endlessly.

I want to pursue writing as a hobby, but if I was given the chance to do it as a career I would consider it. All I know about writing is due to my ninth and tenth grade teachers who helped me with their suggestions. The two biggest problem that I face as a writer is that I get writer’s block constantly and I sometimes do not take criticism well. I want to learn more about the usage of rhetorical devices and rhetorical strategies. My best experience writing was when I share my writing online and people began to comment saying that it was beautiful and that they loved my writing; even though I say that I do not write for others it feels nice to sometimes share my creations and seeing what they think of them. The joy I feel when writing is why I write.